We are proud to say we work in strict compliance with the Attorney’s Code of Ethics, some ethic principles of which we would like to give a passing mention here:


  1. We accept the Clients request for legal assistance when asked by them, except when we are overloaded, when there seems to be meagre prospects of winning the case, or when the Client fails to pay the fees;

  2. Respecting the rights of the poor, a financially deprived person unable to cover the attorney’s fee shall be given legal representation by our office and we shall represent their interests pro bono, all in the name of humanity;

  3. We are exercise loyalty towards our Clients and we establish professional relationships based on trust;

  4. We are in full and deep respect of the professional secret;

  5. We ask our Clients to provide us with all data and facts related to the case, as well as all the evidence available, and clearly state to them that it is in their best interest to present us with the factual state in its thoroughness;

  6. We study the case at hand professionally, conscientiously and exhaustively, applying our approaches, and we give our Client our fair and honest view of the possible outcome;

  7. During the proceedings, and especially upon the taking of an action or taking up representation, we introduce our Clients to the current factual and legal nature of the case;

  8. Provided a case is being dragged out, due to belatedness of the administration of a court or a governing body, and that upon the expiry of the reasonable time of taking action we examine the situation and request expeditious actions to be taken;

  9. In representing our Clients we exercise an energetic and fearless approach, all in compliance with the legal and ethical norms, of course;

  10. We charge our fees in advance, as a lump sum, or according to the attorney’s fee schedule, prior to undertaking any action or combined. Provided we are in a position to, we notify the Clients of their fees immediately, or within two days after we calculate the predicted costs;

  11. Upon the Clients’ request we notify them of the court and administration costs.