Our office specializes in business law, protecting the rights and representing the interests of both domestic and foreign Companies. We are especially experienced in providing our Client – Companies with legal representation in arbitrations and in legal proceeding before the international courts. We litigate and argue both basic and complex cases and disputes, and we take care of the business affairs of companies by providing them with pre-emptive legal advice.


We exercise a proactive approach and we are fully aware of the importance of taking actions promptly and responding without ado to the business demands.

We aim at helping our Clients – Companies in many ways: by creating options and strategic plans, setting realistic and sustainable goals, we offer legal assistance in making decisions in commercial aims, we draw business contracts, we provide legal representation in business law cases, cases argued before the governing bodies, and other legal entities, we participate in arbitrations, and proceedings before international courts.


Business law specialties:


  1. Corporate law
  2. Business law and business formation
  3. Commercial law
  4. Financial law
  5. Banking law and  Shareholders rights
  6. Obligations
  7. Contract law
  8. Damages
  9. Bankruptcy and liquidation
  10. Insolvency
  11. Debt recovery
  12. Credit and mortgage
  13. Property law
  14. Security of rights
  15. Taxation
  16. Copyright
  17. Trade mark and patents
  18. Licensing law
  19. Labor law
  20. EU law
  21. International contracts and conventions
  22. Bilateral contracts


We also litigate a great number of individual civil cases, in which we represent private individuals by protecting their legal rights.

Civil law specialties:


  1. Obligations
  2. Contracts
  3. Personal property
  4. Inheritance law
  5. Family law
  6. Labor law
  7. Employees rights
  8. Human rights